2 blå 1 grøn kutter + isværket

The Port of Romo is widely known for its shrimp boats, which have landed the delicate brown shrimp at the quayside for many decades. The Port of Romo currently has 5 permanent fishing cutters, but there are also a large number of German and Dutch cutters that are landing shrimp on Rømø.

You will also find the shrimp factories Poseidon and Klaas Puul at the Port of Romo, which is where a large amount of the shrimp is landed, sorted and sent on for further processing. In addition, some shrimp is collected at the quayside and transported by lorry to factories in the Netherlands and Germany for further processing.

Shrimp fishing and shrimp prices are volatile, and during good periods there can be approximately 75 different fishing cutters landing shrimp on Rømø.

In some periods idustrial fish are landed in the Port of Romo. Mobile unloaders are established at the harbour and the fish are loaded in trucks, then they are taken to factories, where they are processed into fishmeal and fish oil.

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