Tourism & Angling

The Port of Romo is always happy to see anglers fishing from the quayside and our view is that they make a positive contribution to life at the port. Anglers are - and will remain - welcome.

From 1 July 2004, stricter security rules were introduced at ports serving international traffic, which has meant that certain areas at the Port of Romo are now closed to the public.

As an angler, you must respect when facilities at the port are closed. The gates are closed for both legal and security reasons. In addition, we also ask anglers to respect the signage at the port‘s different areas and comply with all instructions from the Port of Romo’s staff.

All fishing activity and parking in areas where fishing is permitted is done at your own risk. Angling must under no circumstances impede the work or access of the Port of Romo‘s staff or the port's other users.

We request that you always clean up after yourselves and dispose of any waste in the nearest bin.

Fishing permits can be purchased at

You can fish at the yellow markings on the map below:

Tegning af havnen - lystfiskeri


Against fee you are welcome to use the slipway at Port of Romo.

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