Port of Romo - access and traffic

The Port of Romo meets the International Maritime Organization's requirements for securing port facilities, called ISPS. This is a legal framework for maritime security and it is a combination of preventive measures aimed at protecting shipping and port facilities from threats of intentional illegal acts. The main element in securing the international ports is to ensure that the ships have been in a secured port facility in connection with their further voyages.
The Port of Romo has 2 permanent port facilities - also called ISPS areas:

DKRMO-001 Ferry terminal

DKRMO-006 Stormkaj og Nordkaj

In order to have legitimate access to the ISPS areas, it is required that persons have a legal errand. Persons staying in the facilities must be able to identify themselves either according to the ships' crew lists or the company's forwarded employee list.

PSO Thorkil Hansen, +45 7475 5245
On-call duty PFSO 24/7 - On-call port assistant, +45 3136 5245

To ensure that the measures implemented also work in practice, the Port of Rømø has set up a "Committee for Port Security". The committee is required by law and consists of representatives of security-related users at the port as well as authorities.

The Port of Romo and the security-related partners at the port hold a number of planned exercises annually, with which elements of the port's security are tested. Likewise, the Danish “Trafikstyrelsen, Maritim Sikring”, also carries out inspections at Danish ports, both with its own inspectors and with inspectors from the EU to ensure that the approved security plans work and that the legislation is complied with.