Ship waste

Kort affaldsordning

All vessels are obliged to dispose of waste when they enter Danish ports. Ships are exempt from this if the amount of waste in question is very small, if it can be stored on board in an environmentally responsible manner, and if the waste, along with any further waste that is produced, can be disposed of at a later port. Vessels that need to dispose of waste should contact the harbour guard at least 24 hours in advance.

Slop and other liquid waste containing oil is received in accordance with legislation regarding the receipt of waste from ships. The disposal must be agreed with the Port of Romo at least 24 hours before arrival. The oil waste can be put into cans on the quayside - and these are marked with the name of the ship. Signs for marking the cans are available at the port office. The waste oil is collected twice a day by the port‘s staff and is removed by our partner Meldgård Miljø A/S. 1 m3 can be disposed of free of charge.

For larger volumes, it is possible to order a tanker (truck)/vacuum truck for the collection of waste oils at any of the quays. If there is a need for this, please contact the harbour guard.

The Port of Romo has established effective mechanisms for the receipt of waste and thus works to handle all operational and cargo waste from ships in an environmentally responsible manner. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for ships which arrive at the port to dispose of their waste, in order to avoid waste being discharged or dumped into the sea.

Disposal of waste

Guests and users of the port are required to dispose of their waste in a responsible manner. With respect to this, the port provides waste containers for the disposal of waste.

The waste containers must only be used for waste that is produced at the port and in accordance with the labels on the containers. However, ships are exempt from this, with the proviso that the waste that they dispose of in the port‘s waste containers has been produced since the ship was last in port.

You are not permitted to bring bulky waste or similar items for the purpose of disposal. For this type of waste, see:

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In the event of an accident, the Port Office is to be contacted immediately.

Office: 74 75 52 45
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