The Port of Romo is centrally located for cargo transport to and from southern Jutland and northern Germany via the North Sea and for transport of building materials, etc. shipped with the ferry to Sylt. The Port of Romo is also well located for shipping of cargo when you wish to avoid the long voyage past the tip of Jutland or the Kieler Canal.

The Nordkaj quay has a water depth of 5 metres and a load capacity of 5 tonnes/m2 from the edge of the quay, which applies until 6 metres from the quay. Behind this point the load capacity is 15 tonnes/m2. It is possible to store cargo on the quay itself for short periods of time. In terms of long periods of time, the 4.5 hectares storage yard is located very close to the quay.


The 10 kilometres long dam, that connects Romo with the mainland, takes you to the southern Jutland motorway E45 at Rødekro or the Esbjerg motorway E20 at Brørup in around 60 minutes.

Tax on goods, etc.: see our rates and business connections here

Further information is available from the port administration.

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